(webcomics, resources, comic tech, tech tech)

WEBCOMICS (the ones that influence me)
° The Devil's Panties by Jennie Breeden
° Wapsi Square by Paul Taylor
° Nukees by Darren Bleuel
° Girls With Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto
º Striptease by Chris Daily
º Planet Karen by Karen Ellis
º Questionable Content by  Jeph Jacques
º Too Much Information by Andy Odendhal
º No Pink Ponies by Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar
º Piled Higher and Deeper by Jorge Cham
º Least I Could Do by Ryan Sohmer & Lars DeSouza

° Girls With Slingshots Comic Process (big thanks to Danielle!)
° Graph Aids Art Supplies (where I buy my stuff)
º Convers Shoes & Clothing (The shoes for the choosy TD)
º Tom Sito by Tom Sito (everything about animation and history)
º Comic Book Resources (all about comics)
º Comics Online (comic news, reviews & interviews)
º The Webcomics List (a tracking site for online webcomic activity)
º Thinking Animation by Angie Jones & Jamie Oliff

° The WAMP Server (easy web server setup for Windows)
° Istrip (web comic publishing software)
° Fontifier (make fonts from your handwriting!)
° Source Forge (THE place for freeware/shareware and support!)
° phpBB (Easy to setup, free Bulletin Board Software)
° MySQL (support for sequel scripting)
° PHP (support for PHP Hypertext scripting)
° Photoshop (The defacto Standard for scanning and painting)
° The Gimp (The free painting system that works well)

° Siggraph (Where the tribe goes in August to gather)
° Highend3D (Good site for general CGI information)
° Craig Mullins (As good a Photoshop Artist as there is)
° Visual Effects Society (Good listing of Visual Effects Shops)